Ringing phones, loud conversations, crunchy snack time – is it any wonder focus and creativity aren’t free flowing in today's open office spaces?

Ready for a powerful new addition to your environmental monitoring toolkit? Due to popular demand, Soft dB is introducing a powerful hydrophone sensor for measuring underwater noise levels.

You wouldn't wear one pair of shoes for every occasion. Running, hiking, formal events, and everything in between.

You're on an important call, but the person on the other end sounds muffled and unclear. Your first instinct? Crank up the volume! That’s what we do to hear better, after all.

Having done this work for 25 years now – we understand how nerve-wracking installation projects can be for companies. Lots of moving parts, tricky logistics, tight timelines…

As consumers grow accustomed to personalised, on-demand shopping experiences, directional audio presents unlimited potential.

Protecting speech privacy is essential for businesses handling confidential data. Without proper acoustic treatment, sensitive information can easily be overheard, leading to uncomfortable or even dangerous situations.

As footsteps echo through the vast emptiness of the Turbine Hall, a soundscape comes to life. Spoken word compositions reverberate from all directions, blurring into a mesmerising artistic experience.

SNR is the audible difference between the sounds you want to hear (the main signal) and those you don't (background noise). It's the ace up any audio engineer's sleeve for capturing flawless recordings and performances.

Video calls are our lifeline to coworkers, friends, and family. But have you ever ended a long Zoom chat feeling drained, your ears ringing? Those video platforms might be the real loudmouths.

Roderick Mackenzie, an acoustics expert from Canada, will be coming to the UK in October to present at the Acoustics Conference 2023 in Winchester. His presentation titled "The Use of Adaptive Sound Masking Systems in Open Plan Offices" will take place on Tuesday afternoon, October 17th.

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