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Garde de L'est, Paris

Paris Est (or Gare de l’Est, “East station” in English) is one of six large SNCF termini in Paris. It is not far from the Gare du Nord, facing the Boulevard de Strasbourg, part of the north-south axis of Paris created by Baron Haussmann.

It is one of the largest and the oldest railway stations in Paris, opened in 1849 by the Compagnie du Chemin de Fer de Paris à Strasbourg (the Paris-Strasbourg Railway Company) and was renamed the “Gare de l’Est” in 1854, after the expansion of service to Mulhouse.

The Mystsystems Pan 64 Directional Loudspeaker was chosen for the busy ticket office at the Gare de l’Est to for public information announcements and advertising. The ticket office at the station is incredibly busy and subsequently can be a very noisy environment. It is imperative announcements are audible and crystal clear.

The Mystsystems Pan 64 is a controlled directivity loudspeaker using planar wave radiation in a controlled pattern generated by a series of transducers to produce outstanding frequency response in the high frequencies and low distortion in the mid-range frequencies. This produces excellent sound clarity and improved performance over distance than a conventional point-source loudspeaker, as sound pressure level attenuation over distance is reduced to approximately 3dB at 10 meters.

The audio project installation at Gare de l’Est was undertaken by a local installation company, Audio Visuel Zoom following a system design made by Christophe Palluat de Besset for Sound Directions France, working in conjunction with Sound Directions Ltd.

Stanislas Boivin-Champeaux, from Sound Directions Ltd, UK distributor for Mystsystems commented “We specified the Pan-64 loudspeakers for this project as they are perfect for a noisy, busy environment, the clarity of the audio is able to cut-through the ambient noise with outstanding quality, even during peak times”.

“If required we like to hand-hold our trade customers through the process, particularly when a tricky directional sound solution is required”, commented Palluat de Besset.

“We have been designing directional sound solutions for a number of years now and the Gare de l’Est project involved us making a number of visits to Paris with the client”, continued Boivin-Champeaux. “This allowed us to compile a complete set of installation and system drawings to ensure the electronics and speaker placement was exactly as it needed to be to meet the design brief”.

A modest rack of Mystsystems B17 100-Volt amplifiers provide power for the Pan-64’s.

Equipment List: Pan-64 Loudspeakers, B17 Amplifiers