Directional Sound

What is Directional Sound?

Directional sound by default can be complex, sound waves are typically omni-directional, particularly low-end bass frequencies which makes them difficult to direct or control without specialist knowledge.

Directional sound is particularly relevant in visitor attraction applications and in public areas where sound might need to be contained or directed.

Specialist Directional Sound loudspeakers allow you to direct your message, narration, sound effect or music to target your audience with clean, accurate sound.

What are the benefits to Directional Sound?

Allowing multiple sound sources to play in one area.

Limiting noise pollution to people nearby.
Lower volume levels are required for clear intelligible sound.
Audio messages are projected clearly.

Why does Directional Sound matter?

Directional Sound is all about delivering message with clarity and controlling noise pollution. We live in a world where in order to attract attention, colours are becoming brighter, noises are getting noisier.

Directional sound allows us to reverse this trend by targeting sound so that we are able to get our messages across with clarity and without adding to and increasing ambient noise.

Directional Sound speakers

SoundTube FP6020

CrystalVox PAN67

CrystalVox REGO Line Arrays

SoundTube FP6030

Directional Sound Projects

Luton Airport

Garde de L’est
Al Jazeera Listening Post

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