The Sound of the Future is Already Here

As you wait in line at a supermarket checkout, you hear a friendly voice from above informing you that an additional till is now open. Looking up, you spot a sleek, unobtrusive speaker nestled in the ceiling tiles directing its audio beam specifically to your queue – giving those customers waiting in the longest line a head start on everyone else. 

Earlier, those same strategically placed speakers pointed you to relevant promotions and tips. “The dress section is having a buy one get one half off sale,” says a voice that seems to follow you through the racks, perceptively highlighting offers most relevant to your place in the store.

This dimensional, assistive audio has been brought to life at TKMaxx’s flagship store in White City via Mood Media and their In-Store Messaging service. Mood Media deploys Sound Directions’ CrystalVox speakers to allow their retailer clients to beam highly targeted messaging, music, or announcements to shoppers to tactilely enhance brick-and-mortar experiences.

It’s a clever way for brands to highlight time-sensitive promotions, provide helpful tips, boost engagement, and create modern, personalised in-store adventures. Studies by POPAI and Arbitron have shown the power of these approaches – with 82% of shoppers making unplanned purchase decisions in store, 80% say that in-store messaging influences their buying, and 72% find audio promotions helpful to their experience.

For the past 20 years, CrystalVox directional speakers have been used in settings like museums and visitor centres to beam sounds, messaging, or music to targeted locations without audio bleed. The concept debuted back in 2003 at London’s iconic Turbine Hall, becoming integral to Bruce Nauman’s avant-garde Raw Materials exhibit at the Tate Modern.

CrystalVox products have been transforming spaces through directional audio and enhanced speech clarity for 20 years, yet discoveries of new use cases continue today, a testament to its forward-thinking technology. As consumers grow accustomed to personalised, on-demand shopping experiences, directional audio presents unlimited potential. 

With retailers and consumers alike only now starting to realise the benefits of directional audio in elevating our shopping experiences, where might this versatile platform take in-store engagement next? 

If you’re a retailer looking to enhance your in store atmosphere to better connect with customers, the potential is remarkable. Like TKMaxx, you can explore the potential of directional audio to boost sales and customer experiences by getting in touch with the team at Sound Directions. Our CrystalVox speakers present unlimited possibilities for tactile, dimensional messaging, music, and more – future-proofing physical stores for the next era of retail. 

Get in touch today to discuss the customisable audio innovations that could be transforming your locations soon. The sound of the future is already here!