Video Calls: How to Stop Shouting Over Louder-Than-Life Playback

Video calls are our lifeline to coworkers, friends, and family. But have you ever ended a long Zoom chat feeling drained, your ears ringing? Those video platforms might be the real loudmouths. 

In face-to-face chats, we instinctively moderate our volume based on proximity, typically around 60 decibels. Video playback is standardized way louder, often 70-80+ decibels. Like an overzealous DJ, they blast audio right in your ears. No wonder video calls leave us fatigued. 

To get that crystal-clear audio, platforms amp up gain levels and noise reduction, stripping the nuance of natural conversation. And when cranked-up audio comes through nearfield speakers or headphones, our brains misjudge how loudly we should talk. We strain our vocal cords trying to be heard over what feels like a noisy crowd.

Spare your ears (and theirs) with just a few easy fixes:

  • On Zoom, adjust playback level in Audio Settings closer to real-life volumes  
  • Position your mic farther away instead of right in your mouth 
  • Hit mute during parts you don’t need to speak to give your ears brief rest

With some tweaks, video calls can feel more natural. And when you effectively prioritise your comfort, you no longer have to shout to be heard through the magic of technology.

So next time you’re on a video chat that’s too loud, remember to just turn it down. Your ears will thank you and you’ll get to save them for the conversations that really matter.

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